1. Hey, let’s talk

I think the best way to get to know each other is to meet in person. We can meet for a coffee, dinner or my favourite brunch. Of course, everyone has different schedules, and if you don’t have much free time, I’m happy to have a videocall with you while we share a coffee digitally.

I enjoy genuine connections, and in order to do that I want to meet YOU. I want to know how your love story started. How do you make each other laugh? What was the most recent exciting trip you went on together? All this is not just for the pictures, but because I’m genuinely curious to know more about YOU as well. I want to capture that loving sparkle in your eyes when you look at each other.

I’m so excited to meet YOU and dive into your dream wedding. I want to know all the smallest details, such as your favourite flowers and colour palettes. How, when and where you are celebrating. During our time together, I’ll be taking notes. I pay attention to what’s most important to you. This is all invaluable information which will help me greatly on the big day when I’m taking your wedding photos. 

2. Magic time – the photoshoot

Trust is one of the keys to having a charming photoshoot. For me it’s not just about meeting yet another couple – it’s important that I really connect with you. This is one of the reasons I love doing wedding photography. The secret ingredients in my photographic recipe are creativity and bonding with a couple. Trust and authenticity form the foundation for discovering what makes each couple unique.

I want you to feel comfortable, special and relaxed during the photoshoot. Is it your first time in front of the camera and you have no idea what to do? No worries. I can share my tips and tricks for the best angles and poses which will suit you best. I want to tell your story. Let the magic begin! We’re gonna have so much fun, I promise you!

I don’t like stiff poses. The more you feel like yourself, the better the results! The less you think, the more we can enjoy our time together, talk about life, maybe gain new ideas or laugh about silly things. It can be just as simple as it sounds. And I’ll be there by your side  capturing the magic as it unfolds.

Be prepared to integrate your hobbies into your wedding photoshoot. After I’ve gathered all the background info about you that I need, I’ll give you a few suggestions for how you might like your dream photoshoot to look.

3. Your timeless memories

I want your memories to be everlasting. The selection and edit of the final images are made with an extra care to make sure they represent your day as it really unfolded.

Summer wedding season is pretty intense, and you can expect the photos to be delivered in 3–4 months. But while you wait, I prepare 5–10 photos immediately after your wedding day. You’ll most likely get these highlights in 48 hours. You will get a private online invitation to see your gallery. It’s super easy to share with friends and family.

You might be wondering what the wooden box is all about. It comes as part of my packages lasting 8 hours and above. It’s a small walnut box used to store your photos and USB stick. I mean real physical photos like our parents used to have. Remember those? Every time you open this cute little box you’ll be transported back to your magical wedding day! The box is handmade in Lithuania. Your names will be engraved on the lid. The box will contain 25 high-quality prints in postcard format, and a wooden 8GB USB stick. So there will be plenty of space to store your love stories.

After you’ve looked at the gallery, I’ll wait for you to select the 25 photos you’d like printed. Once the box is ready, I’ll send it to you right away. I hope these charming memories last a lifetime.


Do you only offer photoshoots in Germany?

I offer photoshoots wherever my couples take me. I’ve done shoots in Spain, Greece, Austria, Lithuania and all across Germany. My dream is to take wedding photos on other continents, especially South America and Africa.

When should we book you?

Honestly, the sooner the better. Last year I had five couples asking for the same date. So I would say a year in advance would be ideal. Feel free to ask at short notice as well – you might just be lucky.

When can we expect our wedding photos to be ready?

I usually prepare the photos within 4 months. Of course, it can sometimes be quicker. If it’s going to take longer than 4 months, I’ll let you know in advance.

Can you help us envision our photoshoot?

I’m happy to hear your vision. I love combining my creativity and photo experience. I’m always full of ideas and I can suggest concepts for you.

What is the wooden box?

It comes with the wedding package (starting at 8 hours). The box is handmade in Lithuania from walnut wood. Inside the box, you’ll find 25 high-quality printed photos in postcard format, and a walnut USB stick with all your wedding memories. The value of the box is €350.

We don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera. What can we do about it?

I invite couples to meet before the wedding day for a coffee or dinner so we can get to know more about each other. I’ll tell you all about photography. I’m happy to share my tips and tricks. I also encourage my couples to have a short love story photoshoot as a warmup. You might not have had an engagement photoshoot yet. Well, it’s the perfect chance to meet and create even more memories. All the couples told me they felt much more comfortable on their wedding day after their initial photoshoot.