What inspires me the most?

A bit
about me

I come from a small seaside town in Lithuania. It’s the place where I learnt how to appreciate nature. The calm sound of the sea taught me how to stay grounded, and the changing Baltic Sea landscape showed me that creativity is a process.

After studying Photography and Media Arts at Vilnius Academy of Arts, I moved to Berlin, where I learnt how to be myself and express my creativity. I’ve met a lot of inspiring people here. Berlin still manages to surprise me in the most amazing ways.

I am a proud, openly gay man. Moving to Berlin showed me how beautiful and diverse love is. I want to embrace love in its purest form, regardless of skin colour, nationality, gender or sexual orientation.


When I’m at home, you’ll find me taking care of my garden of houseplants (of which there are currently 28), cooking for myself or my friends and family, or trying to learn how to love reading books. When I’m outside, I like exploring new places – I always say yes to little adventures, meeting different cultures at the dinner table, learning about other people’s passions or spending an evening on the dancefloor with my friends dancing to some disco music.

Photography is a major passion in my life, not only professionally, but also as a way to capture moments, preserve memories and create a time capsule of my life. This pursuit taught me how to do the same for others.

I get inspired by nature, architecture, music, people sharing their ideas, and the way all of these combine together. Sunsets in national parks, the smell of rain on dry concrete on a hot day… these are the things that give life that little extra something. But most of all, I get inspired by seeing people’s faces when they look at their pictures for the very first time.